September 3rd 2011

Posted: September 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

Today has been pretty boring. I haven’t done much and my friend woke me up earlier then I planed. I’ve been trying to stay caught up in all my classes BUT juggling social life and college is just a bit tougher then I expected. I’m all caught up now though. I can see how easy it can be for me to miss something especially since I’m attending the online campus for 4 of my classes. It’s kind of intimidating. I just have to have great time management.

I’ve been thinking about the economy lately just because I keep seeing it all over the tv. I’m not one to get involved in politics but it kills me to see our government keeps shipping out jobs and cutting americans source of income out. Yet they still have the nerve to rise the price of living while we are becoming poorer? Is it just me or are we headed towards another depression? There’s barely a middle class anymore. I can’t grasp why the rich won’t accept cuts from their wages but their employees have to? Its greed and greed is the route of all evil. Drives me crazy that we can’t come to a good conclusion so we all can live comfortably and equally.

And another thing, how long is our government gonna keep supporting people that refuse to work, that are drug addicts, that have nothing to contribute to the world but filth. It may sound rude to say, but I find it completely absurd. Its not fair for someone like me to be attending school working and there people being paid just as much as I am for doing nothing. Just had to get that off my chest. And also to take cuts from our education? How crazy is that do we not want our children as bright as possible? Do we not want a better future? Without proper tools for a good education they won’t have as bright as futures as we’d hope they would.  It’s not fair to the children either. This problem is affecting everyone and it need properly addressed by our administration.

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