A story I’m working on



It was just dawn outside but it was gray and cloudy. A light fog huged close to the ground. No birds were chirping outside her window and the wooden floor was unusually cold for the time of year. October was always her favorite month, she loved watching the leafs turn colors and fall from the trees. She loved the smell of smoke from the warm woodstove, she loved halloween. She also loved being able to sleep in but today she could not. Today she had to start her new job, her new life. It was her time to make some positive changes in her life. She wrapped her blankets tight around her body and headed to the kitchen to start her coffee. Renee was never a morning person in fact she loathed morning, most people would consider her to be a night owl. She would sleep in all day and stay up all night if she had the choice to, but lets face it thats not a very healthy life style. She recognized this issue and the simple fact life wasn’t ammounting up to be anything of what she had expected. So here she was 6am sitting at her small kitchen table sipping on her hot cup of coffee carelessly staring out the window.


A shove against her leg made her jump in surprise, she giggled at her foolishness for it was just her cat jinx coming to say hello to her. He was an over friendly in your face, attention loving cat. She bent down and stroked his black fur “Hello my kitty kitty” she said to him rubbing his chin. Jinx carelessly looked up at her and let out a small meow. He’s hungry she thought as she slumped back into her chair. Outside people were on their way to work, walking about, warming their cars, normal morning routines, however there was one man who struck her as being oddly out of place. She kept glancing at him in his long black coat and his hat tilted just covering his eyes, he stood across from her apartment building leaned against the telephone pole. He didn’t acknowledge any of the commotion going on around him in the moring buzz. It seemed as though his eyes were fixed in gaze at her building. Maybe he’s just waiting for someone she thought to herself and shoved her feet into her slippers. Renee rubbed at her eyes and put her empty mug in the dishwasher then proceeded to feed her fluff ball cat, Jinx. She kissed his head and waddled to the bathroom.


Looking in the mirror she thought I really look rough today, but then again when am I ever up this early. Brushing off her apperance she started the shower and just as the steam rose and filled the room she crawled in and let the water flow over her face and body. She made the shower quick because she wanted to show up early to support her claims of being reliable to her new manager at the office. She was going to be a local news columist. She used to write for internet websites but this was the real deal. No more internet and blogging for her this was the start. She was ready and confident. After a brutal round of pampering her self and curling her dark hair she was satisfied with her first day attire and look. She grabbed the small box of things she had packed the night before for her new desk said goodbye to Jinx and walked out the door.


When Renee reached the outside of her building she noticed the man was still standing there leaned against the same pole he was an hour ago. She couldn’t make out his feautres very well, thats when she realized she was staring and told herself to stop being rude and headed to her car at the end of the block. She hit the unlock button on her car and yanked open the door to her sedan. She then tossed the box of supplies into the passanger seat and flopped into hers. She started her engine and grined when the radio turned on because it was playing her favorite song. She tapped her finger on the steering wheel to the beat as she drove the short distance to her new office.


She pulled into the parking garge, parked, and tugged the box into her arms. Her heels clanked against the concerete and she shoved open the door to the first floor with her hip. This action caused the door to slam right into a man “Oh dear,  I am so sorry.”  The man was handsome, about her age, dark hair and beautiful bright eyes. He gave her a look of annoyance and replied to her that it was fine. She grinned at him and he returned the favor. She strode over to the elevator and pressed the up button. When the doors open a group of people filed out and she went in. Her finger pressed the 4 button and up she went. When the doors of the elevator poped open, she smiled in excitment this is where I’ll be working for the next 5 10 years of my life she thought. Little did Renee know that she would not be there for even a full week,that  her life was really going to change but not in anyway that she had ever expected nor imagined.








She strolled into her bosses office and stuck the box in the chair she should be sitting in and greeted him ” Hello Mr. Fraiser, It’s a pleasure to see you this morning” she stuck out her hand and threw on the biggest smile possible.


“I am so honored to be here!”


He took her hand and shook it back clasping his other hand over hers and smiled at her back. ” It’s an honor to have you Miss Silver, I’m assuming your ready to get to your desk and start your first assignment?”


“Yes sir! I am very eager to see what you have in store for me.”


He stood from his desk and walked to his door gesturing for her to proceed back out into the office ” After you my dear.” He said.


She snagged her box out of the chair and did as he insisted. She fallowed him to the last desk on the left hand side of the rather large room that was lined in rows of desks.


“This is your desk Miss Silver. After you have arranged all your belongings and set up your computer passcodes and security please come see me in my office so I can let you know what I want you to be writing on.”


She nodded at him. “Thank you sir.”


And he took off back to his office. A few of the other journalist watched her with questioning eye’s of curosity. She brushed them off, she’d leave introductions for later. Renee started pulling her supplies out of her box, first some paper clips, post it notes, note books, a recorder, a family portrait, which she stoped to stare at for a moment. At that moment a voice came over her shoulder


” Cute family, who is that your parents and sister?”


Her head snaped over her shoulder giving a cold eye to the voice, which was man she had hit with the door.


” Yes, thats who that is.” she said turning to face him and leaning carelessly against her desk placing the photo down. ” And whom might you be. Other then a guy that inconviently stands right by a door hoping to get hit by someone?”


He smirked at her and shoved out his hand “The names Clay, and I don’t hope to get hit, I expect to. Esspecially by a woman as stunning as yourself”


That comment made Renee laugh. “Oh, okay. Well I guess today was your lucky day then, Clay. Nice to meet you my name is Renee” she said and took his hand. ” It’s a pleasure.”


“So we’re gonna be neighbors here I see” he said to her walking to the desk directly next to hers. ” Don’t worry I’ll try my best not to be a distraction” He said settling into his seat.


” I don’t think you’ll have to worry much about that.” She said coyly and went back to unpacking her box. She pulled out her laptop and threw a few knick knacks into the drawers. She sat in her seat and adjusted the small hanging calander she had brought with her. She sighed in satisfaction with her new work area and then pressed the power button to her PC. Setting up her password and security was a sinch and she was soon on her way back to Mr.Fraiser’s office.


She reached his door and seeing it was shut knocked politely.  ” One moment!” Mr. Fraiser shouted sounding irritated. So she leaned against the glass panes that entomed his office. The curtains were drawn and she could hear he must be on the telephone and the conversation he was having didn’t seem to be a very civil one. She glanced around the room watching her fellow employee’s most were focusing on the paper they were writing, typing feverishly away, while others were carelessly chit chatting and laughing obnoxiously loud. This Renee found rather amusing, because most of the chit chatters were the one who were killing her earlier with their prying eyes. Hmph, I can see who’s actually worth talking to in here she thought to herself. And Mr. Fraisers door burst open “Yes, what” he said bitterly. His face softened imediatly as he realized it was her.

” I’m sorry sir but I was just coming to get my assignment.” she said to him.




“Yes of course you are, please Renee come in have a seat. Let’s talk about this assignment of yours” they both walked back into the office and he shut his door behind him. She took her seat in front of his huge antique maple desk, and wondered how they fit in through the door. He seated himself behind his desk and dug out a folder.




” I have read many of your articles online and I believe you to be and exceptional writer, hence me hiring you. That’s why I have decided to give this story to you to write. It will be challenging for you but I want to see if you were really worth being here at Harrison press .”  Renee raised her eyebrows at him intrigued in what he was gonna say next. He slid the folder close to her but kept his hand over it. ” Not many people can know you are working on this story. It will cuase a lot of jealousy but if you do a good job the payoff will be great for you here and you will be greatly appreciated not just by your co-workers but also by the press and other news sources. It will set your career off in the exact path you talked about during your interview. I must also tell you, it might be a bit dangerous.”

He lifted his hand from the folder and let her take it. She picked it up and imediatly looked at him. ” You want me to write on the SRA cases? There’s been murders connected to this and they have no idea who is responsible! This story is huge…” She trailed off being a little shell shocked, she couldn’t believe this would be her first story. It has recently been all over the news about surrounding counties dealing with satanic organiztions and about how its presently became an issue that has even started right here in her city. Demented sick things these people were doing to livestock, domestic pets, children, spouses, and even to themselves. She pondered on the assignment for a moment then stood up and stuck out her hand.

“Well I will not disappoint you, thank you for having faith in me to do this story”


He shook her hand  “You better go get started. You have just over a week Miss Silver. And also, all the information you need is in that folder, numbers for detectives on the case and recent victims. Some of which are no longer living, if this assignment becomes to disturbing for you please let me know.” She rose out of the chair and headed for the door just as her hand grasped the knob on he spoke again. ” And again Miss Silver, this could potentially be dangerous for you. Please be careful and discreet. Beware of who you contact for information it’s a touchy subject here. The folks are starting to get scared.” She nodded and walked out of his office.

When Renee returned to her desk beaming about her new assignment, Clay raised a questioning eyebrow to her.

“So you got your first story, huh?” He asked her.

” Why yes I did” She said smugly glancing over at him.

He stood up and walked over to her desk and reached for her folder. She quickly snatched it before he had a chance to.

“Sorry boss man told me to keep it to myself.” He gave her a defeated look. “I’m sure he did.” He said and staggered back to his desk. “Doesn’t mean I can’t keep a secrect though.” She just let out a little Ha at that comment and started her research on the internet.

The first person to come out about an SRA was a girl by the name of Samantha, in October 2 years ago. Samantha claimed her uncle Bradford had held satanic rituals in their basement for a few years now and that many members of their small community in Bridgewater were attending these. She said that they had went from livestock such as goats to chainin her up and burning brands of pentagrams into her skin and proding her with needles to draw blood for them to collect in a gold cup to drink. A local teacher had noticed her odd behavior and wounds. She addressed Samantha about them and thats how the story got out. Since then Samantha has been placed in a new home and no longer goes by her former name. The teacher of Bridgewater has gone missing and it is suspected she has fallen victim to this cult. Police are still on her case but have no leads.

The next article she found was about people finding mutilated livestock on their farms that looked as though they had been gutted and drained of their blood. All of the animals remains were found within what appeared to be an alter of sorts, their hearts were missing. Farmers were outraged about it and started to keep proper measures to keep trespassers off their land. Many of the animals were goats and cows. A few cases were found where it had been dogs, cats, and smaller animals such as squirels.

Many of the articles came from Pleasant valley, Dayton, and Keezeltown all the surrounding cities and counties had stories similar. Young women slaughtered and left hanging between tree’s in the woods to later be found by hunters. One where the womans chest had been cracked open and nailed to eaither tree on each side and her bowels hanging down to her feet with a pentagram carved into her back along with latin words all over her body, which were still being translated. All cases had shown eviednce of multiple people and some sort of alter being present.



More to come soon.


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